Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BIG Data, Smart Data, or Fake Data

Do you trust the process data you rely on for decisions to be made for many different applications? Hmm! It may be - I hope you could trust the data.

BBC just published a crucial paper with the title:
"How fake data could lead to failed crops and other woes"

Click HERE for the paper.

I guess this has been said many times - not yet by everybody.
What is most important: You have to do something to protect the data you (or your device) produce - so that the receiver can trust that the data are not FAKE data.

Maybe we extend the quality details defined in IEC 61850-7-3:
fake (extended)

I am kidding ... sure.

Do you know that IEC 61850 does not define any measure to protect the data while they are on rest or travel? It's true - no crucial definitions on security. This is intended.
The series IEC 62351 defines many very crucial measures and describes how to apply them to power systems and IEC 61850 refers to IEC 62351:
IEC/TS 62351 - Power systems management and associated information exchange - Data and communications security:
Part 1: Introduction to security issues
Part 2: Glossary of terms
Part 3: Profiles Including TCP/IP
Part 4: Security for profiles including MMS
Part 5: Security for IEC 60870-5 and derivatives
Part 6: Security for IEC 61850 profiles
Part 7: Objects for Network Management
Part 8: Role-Based Access Control
Part 9: Key Management
Part 10: Security Architecture
Part 11: Security for XML Files
Part 12: Resilience and Security Recommendations for Power Systems with DER
Part 13: Guidelines on what security topics should be covered in standards and specifications

Check an overview from part 13:

Click HERE for the source of published parts of IEC 62351.
An excellent source of hints in German can be found at GAI NetConsult (Berlin).

You should do more than buying and reading the various parts of IEC 62351 - You should implement many of the crucial measures defined in these documents,

Good luck!

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