Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pt 100 Temperature Relay with IEC 61850 GOOSE

Ziehl (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany) has integrated IEC 61850 GOOSE into their Pt 100 temperature relay for up to 12 sensors with electric 10 MBit/s Ethernet interface.

The TR1200IP can be used wherever multiple Pt 100 sensors (up to 12) need to be evaluated simultaneously:
- Motors or generators,
- also with simultaneous monitoring of bearings or, e.g., exhaust temperatures
- Transformers, also with additional core-temperature monitoring
- Machines and plants
Type TR1200IP temperature relays register the temperature of up to 12 sensors simultaneously and provide the values to the electric 10 MBit/s Ethernet interface.
2 IP protocols are supported, so the registered temperatures can be subsequently evaluated by connected devices that are linked with the TR1200IP via an Ethernet network. In motors, that could be a motor contactor, in transformers a transformer contactor with integrated overload function and thermal monitoring.
An alarm relay reports devices and sensor errors. Sensor breaks or sensor short-circuits are also transmitted via the protocol to the connected evaluation unit.

Click HERE for a general overview.
Click HERE for GOOSE configuration.
Click HERE for the manual.

The GOOSE messages could be received by an HMS SG Gateway either as a client or a server. The SG Gateway could convert the received GOOSE messages into an IEC 61850 server to provide Reporting and Logging and convert to IEC 60870-5-104 or DNP3.

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