Tuesday, September 20, 2016

IEC TC 57 Just Published the Draft IEC 61850-90-14 (FACTS)

One of the most comprehensive draft extensions (some 175 pages) of the standard series IEC 61850 has been published the other day for comments:

IEC TR 61850-90-14 – Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-14: Using IEC 61850 for FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) data modelling (57/1776/DC)
Comments are expected by 2016-10-28

"Due to the latest boom of deploying an exponentially increasing number of power electronics and semiconductor based equipment directly in the area of medium, high and ultra-high voltage transmission networks, the call for integrating those direct current related processes and control  systems into IEC 61850 is only logical and consecutive.
Two main groups of DC based types of applications exist: FACTS devices (shunt and series connected) that mainly influence the network at a definite point of connection and Power Converters (e.g. HVDC, SFC) that additionally allow to transmit active power between two different points of connection. ...
FACTS and Power Conversion are thus indispensable to secure power supply and represent a vital component within the backbone of efficient, reliable and resilient future smart grids. This technical report finally enables those technologies to also become an integral part of the IEC 61850 world."

12 new logical node classes are proposed:

AEPC  Automatic Emergency Power Control
ARUB Automatic Run-Up/Run-Back Module
ASEQ  Generic Automatic Sequencer
ATCC  Automatic Tap Changer Controller
CFPC  Control of FACTS and Power Conversion
CREL  Control Release
GFUN  Generic Control Function
MCON  Converter Measurement
RLFR  DC Line Fault Recovery Sequence
XFPC  FACTS and Power Converter device
XDCC  DC Circuit
ZHAF  Harmonic Filter

I hope that the vendors AND users will contribute to the review of this crucial extension.

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