Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IEC 61850 in North America

These days we hear some noise from a few US people telling you that the interest in IEC 61850 in North America is still low. Ok. What does this mean? Almost nothing.
IEC 61850 is used in many applications in North America - many are not publicly reported. Why should a customer that is happy with the solution talk about it in the public?
When you check the list of open positions in the US, you can see that there is new interest in this technology - in addition to traditional communication solutions like Modbus and DNP3:
Check for example a open position at GOOGLE (Data Center Control Systems Engineer, Mountain View, CA):

"Minimum qualifications:
  • BS degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 10 years of experience in the design and operation of mission critical facilities, including programming and design experience.
  • Experience with facility power and cooling related infrastructure systems for data centers or equivalent critical infrastructure, including PLCs, SCADA systems, historians, industrial automation and controls systems design. Experience with bussed I/O including IEC 61850 and Modbus.
  • Experience in the compliance requirements of pertinent codes, regulations, and standards."
Click HERE for the complete GOOGLE Job description.
Another 20+ open positions in the US can be found on Click HERE.
In Germany you find 10+ open job descriptions. Click HERE.
The number of visitors of this blog from the US is also growing and already high: 300+ per day (average during the last months).
More to come.

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