Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HMS offers also Gateways from Profibus and EtherNet/IP to IEC 61850 an IEC 60870-5-104

The Anybus SG-gateway family is designed for use with Smart Grid applications such as, control of electrical equipment, metering applications and with the bridging of Industrial Networks with the Power Grid.

The Anybus SG-gateways were originally developed under the HMS's Labs Initiative, known as "Labline". Now that the gateways have been finalized they are currently under the transition of moving under the "Anybus" brand name. The product remains unchanged - just labels and product color and web interface are in the process of update. Until Jan 2016 they are available as the "Labline" brand.

The SG-gateways support IEC61850 client/server, IEC60870-5-104 client/server and Modbus TCP client/server & RTU master/slave protocol stacks. Additional industrial automation standards like Profinet, Profibus, EtherNet/IP or metering protocols like M-Bus are also available in some models. 


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