Monday, May 11, 2015

IEC 61850 meets Fieldbus: Bridge between Profinet and IEC 61850

Industrial automation systems highly rely on many different fieldbusses – one of the crucial Ethernet-based fieldbusses is the Profinet IO (defined in IEC 61158). IEC 61850 is THE standard for information modeling, information models, system and device configuration, soft-realtime communication (GOOSE and SV), and SCADA communication (event reporting, control, exchange self-descrition online from device, logging, statistical and historical statistical information, alarms, ….recording).

Information exchange between (1) power system protection and automation in power transmission, distribution, and power generation (central and distributed) and (2) industrial automation systems is one of the crucial needs for energy efficiency and smart(er) grids.

A new bridge between the two domains is now offered by HMS (gateway SG-40): bridging Profinet to IEC 61850.

HMS – a Swedish based company with 370 employees worldwide – has delivered products integrated in millions of devices around the world.

Key features of the SG-40 Profinet Gateway are:

  • Web based programming with predefined function blocks
  • Optional IEC61131-3 compliant CODESYS softPLC programming 
  • PROFINET IO slave
  • Additional industrial Ethernet networks supported with Anybus technology
  • Modbus TCP client
  • Modbus RTU master
  • IEC61850 client/server
  • IEC60870-5-104 server
  • OpenVPN client
  • Integrated firewall

The family of the smart grid supporting devices offered by HMS comprises the following the device types (for many different applications):


Click HERE for more information you can find at the HMS website.

The SG-40 supports a variety of mappings between several protocols:

1. IEC 61850 device information mapped to Profinet IO to expose IEC 61850 information to the industrial automation world:


2. Profinet IO information mapped to IEC 61850 device information to expose fieldbus information to the power delivery automation IEC 61850:


3. Many other mappings are supported (to/from Modbus, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, …).

All signals can be mapped in both directions.

The SG-10, SG-11, and SG-40 devices are using a Web-Browser for a very simple graphical programming tool. No other tools – except Web-Browser – are needed.

A 15 minute video explains the basic concepts of the gateways SG-10, SG-11 and SG-40. These devices provide a highly standardized and easy approach of bridging signals between multiple standard information exchange systems.

The configuration of the devices is very simple … no tool other than a web browser is needed to configure the input and output signals coming from (going to) the devices connected to various communication systems.

The devices can play one or all roles of IEC 61850 (Server, Client, Publisher, or Subscriber) in parallel. This allows to “collect”, e.g., many signals from a substation as a client and expose them into a Profinet network; or “collect” signals from the Profinet slaves and master and map them to an IEC 61850 Server.

This allows a very short time-to-market integration of the information of power related information into the industrial automation and vice versa.

One key-point is: The standard series IEC 61850 is the ONLY standard that offers a very comprehensive information model for all crucial power delivery system needs!

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