Tuesday, April 28, 2015

OPC Server using an IEC 61850 Client

OPC (DA and UA) is used quite often for higher level communication between PLCs and SCADA servers. How could you tap IEC 61850 information for communication to an OPC Client?

First of all, you need an IEC 61850 Client that talks to IEC 61850 Servers or receives GOOSE messages. Second, you need an OPC Server that sits on top of the IEC 61850 Client.

Softing (Nuremberg/Munich, Germany) offers such an OPC (DA and UA) Server with an IEC 61850 build-in client. The client automatically detects all logical nodes and data objects and converts them automatically into OPC items:


OPC Server (DA and UA, dataFEED OPC Suite) with the build-in IEC 61850 client as well an OPC demo client from Softing is available, contact: http://industrial.softing.com/en

A free of charge copy of the dataFEED OPC Suite and OPC Client is available for interested attendees of NettedAutomations training courses.

Click HERE to check a Video with a brief demo on how to use the dataFEED in conjunction with IEC 61850.

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