Friday, March 6, 2015

What about security for SCADA systems?

Since the early 80s we have discussions on open systems. I remember well people saying in 1984: If you want open systems – you must be crazy. True! If you don’t shut the doors of the access and let only those in that are allowed to.

There are measures to secure the access – but they have to be implemented and used. There are a lot of concerns about embedded systems on the internet and security.

Read this up-to-date story – and you may not sleep tonight:

Journalists warned system owners and Norwegian NSA of 2500 critical data flaws

How two journalists set out on a mission to test the data security in the whole of Norway


“Thus far, they have found:
• 290 vulnerable control systems, in banks, schools, nursing homes - and a military camp
• 2048 surveillance cameras in private homes, night clubs, shops and restaurants
• 2500 control systems connected to the Internet with minimal or no security
• 500 of these control industrial or critical infrastructure
• Thousands of data bases and servers that give away content without passwords

These are all found in Norway. Guess if it is any better in your country?”

Click HERE for the report.

And YOU? Become more serious about security!!! For the good of you and all of us – all over.

And do not blame IEC 61850 not providing security measures! It has: IEC 62351 shall be applied – but you gave to do it! Do it!

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