Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do You Really Want to Use Your Phone for Remote Control?

Kim Zetter reported on 31 July that “Hackers Can Control Your Phone Using a
Tool That’s Already Built Into It”.

Would you like to be controlled by somebody else? Somebody you don’t know?

The report starts: “ … Two researchers have uncovered such built-in vulnerabilities in a large number of smartphones that would allow government spies and sophisticated hackers to install malicious code and take control of the device.”

Click HERE for the full report.

I hope that you are not planning to use smart phones in any critical infrastructure! Be smart! Any remote control in the energy automation could be very dangerous. Automation systems that highly depend on control commands from a central unit are in danger to be hacked or compromised by errors – independent of smart phones.

We have to thing towards more autonomous automation. Inputs to remote stations may be limited mainly to set-points that allow the algorithms in the remote units to check against the physical measurements and other information (situational awareness).

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