Monday, December 3, 2012

Two new Papers on IEC 61850 Sampled Value Exchange Models

Several well known experts from Australia (David M.E. Ingram, Pascal Schaub, Richard R. Taylor, and Duncan Campbell) have spent some time on analyzing the applicability of IEC 61850 Sampled Value exchange methods and IEEE 1588 time synchronization for high voltage substations. Read what they have figured out:

The first paper focuses on “Performance analysis of IEC 61850 sampled value process bus networks”:

Process bus networks are the next stage in the evolution of substation design, bringing digital technology to the high voltage switchyard. Benefits of process buses include facilitating the use of Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers, improved disturbance recording and phasor measurement and the removal of costly, and potentially hazardous, copper cabling from substation switchyards and control rooms. This paper examines the role a process bus plays in an IEC 61850 based Substation Automation System.

More details and download link.

The second paper is on: “Performance analysis of PTP components for IEC 61850 process bus applications

New substation automation applications, such as sampled value process buses and synchrophasors, require sampling accuracy of 1 µs or better. The Precision Time Protocol (PTP), IEEE Std 1588, achieves this level of performance and integrates well into Ethernet based substation networks. This paper takes a systematic approach to the performance evaluation of commercially available PTP devices (grandmaster, slave, transparent and boundary clocks) from a variety of manufacturers.

More details and download link.

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