Saturday, July 14, 2012

IEC 61850 in Italy - SMA offers IEC 61850 Piggy-Back for PV Inverters

As you may have heard, IEC 61850 is a crucial standard for PV inverters in Italy. All requirements of the Italian CEI 0-21 standard (use of IEC 61850 is recommended – expected to be mandatory soon) will be required for new plants as of July 01, 2012.

Even for plants up to 6 kW it is required to provide an interface to the network operator!

SMA has reacted on the requirements for Italian customers … including a “… Piggy-back that will be able to receive the IEC-61850 commands to implement remote shutdown and narrow the frequency limits of the inverter.”

Read the SMA Customer information on these requirements including IEC 61850 in English / German.

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Thanks, we are setting up our office outside Milan as we speak so this was really useful.