Thursday, July 26, 2012

Security for IEC 61850 Chip from Beck IPC

Can you make your IEC 61850 IED with the Beck IEC 61850 chip secure? Yes! Here is the solution.


The Beck RTOS (Real-time operating system) supports:

  • Secure Socket Layer - SSL
  • Secure Shell – SSH
  • IP Security Protokoll – IPsec/IKE
  • OpenVPN

The free software "OpenVPN" as the solution for the installation of a virtual private network (VPN) has gained more and more popularity among its users. Easy installation and configuration of an OpenVPN-tunnel, in comparison to the complicated configuration of the IPsec eases access to this topic. The OpenVPN source code, registered under GNU General Public License (GPL) has been ported by Beck for the IPC@CHIP® platform and is made available at our download centre for implementation.

 Software for SC143 …


Download driver for OpenVPN for SC143 

For other details contact Beck IPC.
Useful information can also be found at the Beck IPC Forum.

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