Saturday, June 2, 2012

IEC 61850-90-8 Object Models for E-Mobility

IEC TC 57 has published (as 57/1254/DC) on June 01, 2012 the

Draft IEC TR 61850-90-8 – Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 90-8: IEC 61850 object models for electric mobility

The Technical Report describes how current standardization for Electric Road Vehicles and the Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface can be linked to the IEC 61850-7-420 standard for Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The technical report provides necessary background information and proposes an object model for e-mobility in order to establish an Electric Vehicle plugged into the power grid as DER according to the principles of IEC 61850-7-420. The basic information modeling in IEC 61850 and IEC 61850-7-420 already covers a lot of needs for the e-Mobility domain. Missing parts can be modeled as new logical nodes and data objects, which this technical report defines.

New/extended information models are:

E-mobility supply equipment  LN DESE
E-mobility outlet LN DEOL
E-mobility Electric Vehicle  LN DEEV
Power cable LN ZCAB
Schedule LN DSCH

It is easy to add the definition of the LN DEOL to an ICD File. Here is an example of the “Plug Present” Data Object of the New LN Class according to DTR 61850-90-8:


This LN Class can easily be added to the model template for the SystemCorp ICD Designer <<61850DTT.xml>>:



Almost any new Logical Node published by IEC or any other extended or new LN can easily be modeled with the ICD Designer … and can easily be applied for building clients and servers using the SystemCorp IEC61850 Stack/API, e.g., using the free evaluation version of the SystemCorp Windows DLL or using the Beck IPC embedded controller.

There is no need to purchase an expensive package to use IEC 61850 for any model. Just use the SystemCorp IEC61850 Stack/API – and you are ahead of the market.

Many people are now using the Beck IPC Development Kit DK61 or DK55 to implement a gateway between “their data” and the various models according to IEC 61850. It just takes hours to get their (or your) data speaking IEC 61850 …

It’s really so easy!

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