Thursday, May 10, 2012

IEC TR 61850-7-510 ed1.0 has been published

The new part IEC 61850-7-510 has been officially published:

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation -
Part 7-510:
Basic communication structure - Hydroelectric power plants - Modelling concepts and guidelines

Download the Preview of IEC 61850-7-510

IEC/TR 61850-7-510:2012 provides explanations on how to use the Logical Nodes defined in IEC 61850-7-410 as well as other documents in the IEC 61850 series to model complex control functions in power plants, including variable speed pumped storage power plants. This publication is to be used in conjunction with IEC 61850-7-410 which introduced the general modelling concepts of IEC 61850 to hydroelectric power plants.

This document lays a ground for control devices like PLCs to implement the information interface. One simple implementation could be to integrate an IEC 61850 gateway into a PLC. The gateway could, for example, be implemented with an powerful embedded controller.

The controller would implement the information model and the services like GOOSE for operational status, Setting limits or Reporting of status or measured values:


A gateway could be easily build with available embedded controllers that provide an easy API for IEC 61850 clients, servers, publishers and subscribers.

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