Thursday, May 24, 2012

IEC 61850-3 Ed2 CDV is out for ballot

The CDV for IEC 61850-3 Ed.2 is out for comments and ballot:

Communication networks and systems for power utility
automation – Part 3: General requirements

The ballot closes 2012-10-19

This part of IEC 61850 defines general requirements, mainly regarding construction, design and environmental conditions for utility communication and automation IED's and systems in power plant and substation environments. These general requirements are in line with requirements for IED's used in similar environments, for example measuring relays and protection equipment.

IEC 61850 is used in many applications in the power distribution. The applicability of the requirements (defined in the above CDV) for distribution networks or DER seems to be defined in a more details. Currently clause 6.7.1 defines “In addition to the mentioned electrical plants, Electricity Utilities can install apparatus in control centers, radio repeaters, or low voltage distribution points in industrial, commercial or residential areas. These locations are covered by other generic standards or product standards.”

Does this mean that all or most or some requirements defined in IEC 61850-3 Ed2 are not applicable for these locations? etc.

It is highly recommended that experts from all over have a close look at this CDV to make sure that IEDs applied in DER and distribution networks are not burdened with requirements not needed.

Contact your IEC TC 57 national committee for a copy of the IEC 61850-3 Ed2 CDV.

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