Monday, May 7, 2012

Draft IEC 61850-90-7 – Object models for photovoltaic, storage, and other DER inverters

IEC has published the following very crucial draft for ballot (57/1239/DTR):

IEC 61850-90-7 Ed. 1:
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 90-7: IEC 61850 object models for photovoltaic, storage, and other DER

The ballot closes on 2012-06-29.

This 114 page Technical Report describes the functions for inverter-based Distributed Energy Resources (DER) systems, including photovoltaic systems (PV), battery storage systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, and any other DER systems with a controllable inverter. It defines the IEC 61850 information models to be used in the exchange of information between these inverter based DER systems and the utilities, Energy Service Providers (ESPs), or other entities which are tasked with managing the volt, var, and watt capabilities of these inverter-based systems.
These inverter-based DER systems can range from very small grid-connected systems at residential customer sites, to medium-sized systems configured as microgrids on campuses or communities, to very large systems in utility-operated power plants, and to many other configurations and ownership models. They may or may not combine different types of DER systems behind the inverter, such as an inverter-based DER system and a battery that are connected at the DC level.

The crucial object models for IEC 61850-90-7 have already been implemented on the Beck IPC Development Kit 61.

Please contact your national committee to get a copy of this crucial document.

A list of crucial models defined in IEC 61850-90-7 can be found here.

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