Friday, February 10, 2012

Ethernet for Real-Time Applications – IEEE Symposium in Munich

On January 17, 2012 TUEV SUED (Munich, Germany) held a symposium on real-time Ethernet. Ethernet is not fit for real-time – that is what has been said from the very beginning. But: time and technology has changed. “Deterministic Ethernet & Unified Networking - Never bet against Ethernet …”, this is the opening statement of one of the 11 presentations of the symposium. Ethernet seems to be THE backbone of all automation systems in the near future.

The 11 presentations can be downloaded:

1. Opening by TÜV SÜD
2. IEEE 802.1 AVB standards status (audio video bridging, Broadcom)
3. Real-time networks and preemption (Cisco)
4. Latency Scenarios of Bridged Networks (Deggendorf University)
5. Real-time Ethernet Requirements for Automation Applications (iniT)
6. Ultra Low Latency Traffic Class @ Industry (Siemens)
7. Adaptive Scheduling of Streams in RT (Czech TU Prague)
8. AVB and Fault Tolerant Networking (Belden/Hirschmann) – Ethernet everywhere!
9. Robustness Requirement in Industry and Energy (ZHAW, CH)
10. Deterministic Ethernet & Unified Networking (TTTech)
11. IEEE 1588v2 Time Synchronization in Energy Automation Applications – Case Studies from China (RuggedCom) – Huge substation with more than 160 Ethernet Switches!

When I was about to do my diploma thesis at Siemens in Karlsruhe in 1981, my topic was to do some practical analysis of Ethernet. Due to the high cost of two (2) Ethernet MAUs (40.000 DM / 20.000 Euro) it was decided not to purchase the hardware – people did not believe that Ethernet would be an option at all … and forever. Many experts believed in Token Passing.

I did not agree (I was still a student). So, I decided to look for an answer of making shared Ethernet deterministic … it ended up in a patent Siemens got.

More to come … in China and all over. Ethernet and IEC 61850 (based on Ethernet) are providing real standard solutions.

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