Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy, Affordable and Fast Integration of IEC 61850 in Small Devices

High financial and time expenditures for the implementation of IEC 61850 in control systems and other devices prevented so far a broad market penetration of the standard in the lower voltage levels and in distributed power generation. A reasonable and cost effective solution is now available with the Beck IPC@CHIP. The development of IEC 61850 conformant interfaces in power delivery systems – particularly renewable and decentralized power producers and consumers – can now be realized within very short time to market.

The stack and API used on many platforms has been developed by SystemCorp (Bentley, Western Australia), e.g., on the Beck IPC Chip.

A new paper has been written about the benefits of using ready-to-go solutions. The paper discusses embedded controller with IEC 61850 stack and API, DLL and other libraries with IEC 61850 stack and API, … You will find also a brief discussion of the information models for PV inverters (IEC 61850-90-7).

Download the discussion about benefits using ready-to-go solutions with IEC 61850 and PV Inverter models [pdf, 2.3 MB, 18 pages]

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