Thursday, October 20, 2011

Need Help regarding MMS (ISO 9506)?

Experts that are looking for further helpful information on MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification – ISO 9506) can download a report published as part of MSc Thesis "Security in Industrial Networks" in Norway, 2007:

Click HERE for the links to two papers.

Unfortunately the authors did not mention IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 as the most crucial standard series that use MMS.

The security measures for MMS are defined in IEC 62351-4.

Click HERE for additional information on security and IEC 61850/MMS.

Click HERE for find more information on MMS.

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Anonymous said...


I got a tip about your blog entry on MMS.
I wrote the papers you are referring to as part of my thesis back in 2007, the rest is bonded until next summer. I might publish some more next summer if i find the time.

I had to limit the scope of my thesis to only look at MMS and not the extensions. Some would even argue that 61850 is not the most relevant one :) My thesis deals with a much broader scope of ICS vulnerabilities.

If anyone has questions my contact information can be found in the papers that you refer to.

I will start digging into your blog now

Best regards

Jan Tore Sørensen