Thursday, October 20, 2011

Improvements of IEC 61850-6 (System Configuration Language) and other parts

The IEC 61850 System Configuration Language (SCL) as defined in IEC 61850-6 Edition 2 is a very crucial, successful and comprehensive part of the standard series IEC 61850. This part has a major impact of System Design, System Engineering and Device Configuration Tools.

The standard defines many concepts and a lot of details! People in the SCL Team and other groups have worked hard to provide a consistent and complete specification. As usual, there are typos, incompletely defined details, … The IEC 61850 community takes these inconsistencies and errors very serious.

Since the publication in 2009 there have 21 tissues (technical issues) been reported on part 6:

Click HERE for the list of the IEC 61850-6 Edition 2 tissues.

One typical tissue (Tissue 719) is about the “maxAttributes” definition in clause 9.3.1:

The definition of ConfDataSet - maxAttributes is confusing especially the part in brackets (an FCDA can contain several attributes).
2 interpretations seem possible :
- maxAttributes = max nb of members in the dataset
- maxAttributes = max sum of attributes of all dataset member

The tissue has helped to clarify what is meant: “ConfDataSet.maxAttributes shall define the maximum number of members in a data set …”

Click HERE for the complete tissue 719.

Please check the tissue database if you find anything in the published standards (of any Edition) that may be wrong or not complete or unclear. Before you post a tissue check if it has already been reported and solved.

Click HERE for the Tissue Database entry on IEC 61850 and HERE for IEC 61400-25.

You can help the IEC 61850 community to improve the standard by checking the content of the tissue data bases and posting your findings on possible deficiencies.


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