Friday, June 17, 2011

Network Rail (UK) to improve reliability and cutting cost with IEC 61850

The Head of Electrification of Network Rail (UK) talks about the benefits of applying IEC 61850 for the electrification the other day. Please find an excerpt below:

“Ah, indeed. I’m personally really excited about this [IEC 61850] because I think it
represents a huge step forward.” followed by statements like:

“IPC 61850 allows us to distribute the power – still enabling us to switch
– but limiting the number of fault breaking devices we need. This has two
benefits. The first is that this makes the switching less costly.”

“But the second benefit is that we will no longer have to compromise
between the electrical distribution needs of the system and the railway
operations needs of the train operating people.”

“It will enable us to think very carefully about using switching to focus on
achieving better reliability for the operators while still maintaining that
essential feature of distributing power … all at what looks to be at a
considerable saving.”

Click HERE to read the interview.

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