Friday, December 31, 2010

Greetings from (C)old Germany

As 2010 comes to a close, I want to say "Thank You!" for visiting the IEC 61850 Blog. We wish you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2011.

I look forward to serving you with a lot of news during the next year - there will be a lot to be reported in 2011.

Best Regards,

Early morning winter impressions in our backyard ... the palm tree is protected by some lights - we hope that it will survive:


A very cold morning ... the fish pond is frozen ... the sun is very low:


We have more snow as usual ... even here in the Rhine river valley we have a lot.

... and some greetings from my IEC 61850 dolls explaining the modeling approach of IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25:

An IED contains a Logical Device ...


... a Logical Device contains a Logical Node, a Logical Node contains a DataObject, a DataObject contains ...


To access the specific DataObject ("Tmp", Temperature Value) you have to "open" an IED ("MyDevice" at, e.g.,, open a Logical Device ("MyLD"), open a Logical Node ("STMP1") and get the "Tmp.mag.i"

Any question?


Shengwu Zeng said...

Happy New Year!
I love those dolls! Never thought that this highly complex and abstract technology thing could have such a cute image, but I like it!

David Daniel said...

Happy new year Mr. Schwarz!
Thanks for sharing information here!

Neil Higgins said...

Greetings and best wishes from wet Australia. An area in Queensland the size of France and Germany combined is currently inundated, and thousands have been evacuated to temporary accommodation. All this, after a protracted drought! Google "Rockhampton flood" for representative images. Anyway ... I hope your palm tree survives - it would love to be here right now!

Unknown said...

Hi from New Zealand, I know we are a bit late, but we having difficulty understanding a server concept within an IED as stated in Standard.
We found the "Matreshka doll" analogy very useful.
Can you please point out where is the server role in this "doll" analogy of IED?