Monday, August 2, 2010

The many Abstract and Concrete Layers in IEC 61850 (61400-25)

A new Comprehensive Overview of the many different layers in the definition of IEC 61850 has been provided by Karlheinz Schwarz. The various levels of models, the services, the mappings to MMS services and protocols, mapping of MMS messages to ASN.1, ASN.1. BER, ... are confusing - if you don't understand them. This presentation provides a lot of details and examples. 15 Slides bring light to the - often not understood - IEC 61850 layering:

  1. Abbreviations
  2. Hierarchy of definitions, protocols, …
  3. Model (Standard)
  4. Model (SCL)
  5. Model (IED)
  6. Services (ACSI)
  7. Model and Service Mapping
  8. Services and Protocols (MMS)
  9. ASN.1 BER (Basic Encoding Rule)
  10. Encoded MMS Message

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All these details are hidden in the implementation of IEC 61850 (IEC 61400-25) provided by SystemCorp (Perth, WA, Australia) and by the Smart Grid "Beck-Bone". The IEC 61850 API just needs 8 services:

IEC61850_Create API to create a client or server object with call-backs for reading, writing and updating data objects
IEC61850_LoadSCLFile API to read the SCL XML file to get the configuration of server or client
IEC61850_Start API to start the server or client
IEC61850_Stop API to stop the server or client
IEC61850_Free API to delete a client or server object created
IEC61850_Read Read the value of a specified data attribute
IEC61850_Write Write the value to a specified data attribute
IEC61850_Update Update the value of a specified data attribute

The three last API services are the crucial services an Application programmer has to deal with. The Beck Development Kit DK61 and the DLL demos provide application examples (in C/C++ source code).

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