Friday, August 6, 2010

IEC 61850 Workshop at Hydro Quebec, Montreal, Canada

The IEC TC 57 WG 17 (DER) will meet in Montreal, Canada, on September 27-29, 2010. Experts from WG 17 invite interested experts from the power utility domain for a one day workshop on IEC 61850. 

Date and Time: September 30, 2010, (Thursday); 8:30 -15:00 h
Venue: Hydro Quebec, Montreal, Canada

A couple of WG 17 members have suggested to organize an extra day for information dissemination of the results reached by WG 17 and the ongoing work. Another objective is to discuss common modeling issues with experts from other domains like hydro, wind, PV, ... one issue for discussion is the remote monitoring and control of power generation (example of IEC 61400-25-2).

On Thursday (September 30) there will be an open presentation of crucial aspects of the standard IEC 61850 and especially of IEC 61850-7-420 and a demonstration of the latest development of the “IEC61850@CHIP” and first experiences with the small platform especially for PV systems.

The chip provides the complete IEC 61850 (IEC 61400-25) MMS, GOOSE and Sampled Value communication stacks. The stacks and the device data models are configurable by a standard SCL File (IEC 61850-6) uploaded to the chip. The stack provides a simple API for IEC 61850. Applications can be developed in C/C++ and IEC 61131-3. The focus shifts from communication (especially MMS) programming to your applications and system and device configuration.
The chip supports SSL and other security standards.

The development of affordable standards-conformant interfaces for distributed energy resources can now be shortened to days or weeks - from months and years. The range of all crucial Beck IPC products (IPC@CHIP®s, modules, Development kits, …SCL Designer, Application programming using the simple stack API) will be presented and discussed during the workshop. This extra workshop will be conducted by Karlheinz Schwarz.

The workshop is open to everyone interested in the presentation and demonstration free of charge. Breakfast and lunch breaks are on the attendees; drinks will provided.

You may attend and invite other experts that may be interested to attend.
Please let Karlheinz Schwarz ( know who will attend in order that we can confirm a seat. The number of seats is limited to 20 seats.

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