Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IEC 61850 Chip Revealed at DistribuTech 2010 in Tampa

The Beck IP@CHIP integrating IEC61850Li (IEC 61400-25) was revealed during the DistribuTech Exhibition in Tampa (Florida) from March 23-25, 2010.

The Tampa Convention Center hosted the 20th DistribuTech. The Conference and Exhibition was a big success - more exhibitors, more visitors, and more products, interest and discussions related to IEC 61850!


One of the crucial topics was the discussion of Smart Grids. The range of names for the same thing span a variation of terms: from Advanced Metering, Smart Metering, Smart Grid, to Intelligent Smart Grid. Experts that have a good understanding of the North American market told that this was the first time where almost all people talked about IEC 61850 - one way or the other.


In the light of the many requirements from Smarter Grids and Distribution Automation to define, use, exchange, store, and manage much more "signals" in future, the IEC 61850 Chip revealed at the UCA IUG Booth was really welcomed by many international experts: from Australia, Russia, Europe, North an South America.


The module shown above is a Gateway (Beck IPC - COM.TOM; with the Chip integrated) that could map CAN Bus signals into IEC 61850 models. The Module supports also a GSM/GPRS modem. The application could be programmed using C/C++ or IEC 61131-3 (PLC programming language - based on CoDeSys, the well known platform). Other modules with different I/O's are available. Support for IEC 60870-5-101/104 and DNP3 is under way.

The most crucial help for the application of IEC 61850/61400-25 is the Development Kit for IEC 61850: DK61. The Chip as well as the Development Kit are available for purchase. The prices for both components are amazingly low - you can afford to purchase the Development Kit without long discussions with your management and your accountants.

Get Smart Quick with the IEC61850Li (IEC 61850 Lite implementation). One interesting product with the IEC 61850 Lite implementation is the IPC@Chip® with IEC 61850 Client, Server, GOOSE publisher and subscriber on the Chip in addition to IEC 61131-3 (PLC programming language, using the well known CoDeSys platform), C/C++ programming, FTP, TELNET, TCP/IP, web server, 2 Ethernet ports, GSM/GPRS, WiFi, CAN bus, and many other possibilities.

The Chip and Ready-To-Go Modules (with the chip on board) are applied for IEDs, Gateways, RTUs, Data and Information Managers, Smart Grids, Distributed Energy Resources like PV, CHP, Wind, Hydro, Fuel Cells, ...

Click HERE to get general and background information.

Beck IPC (Germany) and SystemCorp (Perth, Australia) will present the Chip, compact modules, ruggedized IEDs for high voltage environments, and IEC 61850/61400-25 Stack Software at the Hannover Messe 2010 in Hannover (Germany) on 19-23 April 2010. Visit them in Hall 27 Booth E51.

I want to share a nice experience with you: Some 2 1/2 years ago I did a half day presentation on IEC 61850 to the experts and the management of a North American electric utility. At DistribuTech 2008 I asked the young engineer of that utility how IEC 61850 is doing in his company. He said: "Oh, we are still two retirements away from using the standard." During the Distributech 2010 I asked the young man again. This time he mentioned, that things are improving: They are now just one retirement away from using IEC 61850. This is an experience I have made quite often - utility management blocks new technologies, technologies that they may need to keep the lights on in the long run.

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