Monday, February 8, 2010

IEC 61850-3 compliant Gigabit Ethernet Switch from Hirschmann

Hirschmann goes Gigabit for substation and other applications. The new Ethernet Switch offers 16 Gigabit Ethernet combination ports (1000 BASE-TX) that will also connect SFP fiber optical transceivers (100/1000 BASE-FX/SX/LX/LH). All ports support version 2 of the Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588 V2) as well as optionally Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).

Further characteristics include an operating temperature range of -40 to +70 °C, high resistance to jarring, and extensive insusceptibility to electrical discharge and magnetic fields. Passive cooling (no fans) and a redundant power supply add to ensure high operational safety. Furthermore, the new Hirschmann™ Gigabit Ethernet switch meets the standards and approval requirement of IEC 61850, IEEE 1613, EN 50121-4, EN 50155, cUL 508, cUL 1604 C1 Div2 and GL.

EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tested 10 Megabit Shared Ethernet for UCA 2.0 (Utility Communication Architecture) in the mid nineties. I remember when we had some 25 PCs connected to test UCA communication services. EPRI called me during these days to come to Los Angeles to give a presentation on the performance of Ethernet compared to Profibus DP. At that time many experts already believed that Ethernet is a serious option for Substation automation. Nowadays almost all experts are supporting Ethernet - some people that just know the old Shared Ethernet of the eighties don't believe that this is the right solution. After some explanation they change their mind - usually.

Click HERE for product information.
Click HERE for a paper published in 1991-11 on the use of Ethernet instead of Token passing [PDF, 720 KB] - at that time the author did not know about Gigabit Ethernet.
Click HERE for a paper published in 1991-03 on the use of Ethernet as a fieldbus [PDF, 720 KB].

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