Saturday, January 2, 2010

Successful IEC 61850 Hands-On Training Courses in Australia

NettedAutomation GmbH and STRI conducted two 3 day IEC 61850 Hands-On Training courses in Australia: in Brisbane on November 30 - December 02 and Sydney on December 02-04, 2009.

Brisbane course (attendees from 7 organizations)

Sydney course (attendees from 10 organizations)

Andrea Bonetti (STRI) in action
... actions speak louder than words!

The attendees reported that there are many concrete plans to apply IEC 61850 in Substations of Australian transmission and distribution utilities in 2010 and 2011. Also substations outside of utilities (e.g., in the mining industry) are being build with IEC 61850 compliant automation and protection systems.

The plans to implement a huge Smart Grid project in Australia are an additional opportunity for IEC 61850 being applied for distribution networks - to make the Grids smarter.

Feedback from an attendee of the Sydney course:
"Well organized and very well run. The presenters were well on top of the subject and could explain the subject matter. There was a huge amount of material to cover and they did it well. Being independent, the subject was presented objectively. Karlheinz was very strong on the background and the detail of the specification, including the interaction with related specifications. Andrea was excellent on the implementation and configuration. Had a very practical approach and committed to making it work in the real world. I certainly gained much more than I expected from the seminar. Excellent value."

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