Friday, August 14, 2009

IEC 61850 Hands-on Training in Australia (December 2009)

IEC 61850 is the global standard for Power System Automation (generation, transport, distribution ... high, medium and low voltage levels). It allows for an open and “future proof” design, different architectures and possibilities to combine products from multiple vendors. In order for users and system integrators to utilize the benefits of IEC 61850 it is necessary for power utilities, integrators and vendors to educate their most crucial asset – People; and to start the migration to IEC 61850.

The popular STRI and NettedAutomation hands-on training provides both theory and practice on the application of IEC 61850 in a substation. During the training we follow the planning, design and engineering process for real applications all the way to configuration and testing on a real multivendor test installation. We believe real understanding is the result of both knowledge and hands-on experience. Therefore the training offers a unique combination of presentations, demonstrations and practical workshops in smaller groups.

Many utility experts have been trained, as TERNA (Italy):


The interest in performing such an event in Australia is high. We are right now negotiating with some utilities to fix the content, dates and locations.

Tentative locations and dates for 3 day events:

Brisbane (Australia): 30 November - 02 December 2009
Sydney (Australia): 02-04 December 2009

Click HERE for the tentative program and other details [pdf].

By end of August 2009 it is expected to announce the final contents, locations and dates.

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