Tuesday, August 11, 2009

COPALP supports IEC 61850

The French company COPALP (focused on IEC 61131-3 based provide software tools and components for embedded systems) has integrated the Standard IEC 61850 into their architecture.

According to COPALP: "The Energy and Water industries require more and more complex protocols and control applications to meet the growing demands for more information, more often. ... The IEC 61850 is one new component to the COPALP offer that comes in addition to the existing one like IEC60870-101 slave, IEC60870-104 server and DNP3 slave protocols."

Click HERE for their full news release.

The next step after IEC 61131-3 will be IEC 61499 (Function Blocks) with IEC 61850 information exchange.

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Anonymous said...

As you can see on their website they offer the IEC 61850 server as a stack too. It is a self written stack (including MMS).