Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Just published: IEC 61850-7-420 Basic Communication Structure – Distributed Energy Resources And Distribution Automation Logical Lodes

IEC TC 57 just published one of the most crucial parts of the standard series IEC 61850:

This second edition of the 548 pages long bilingual standard (EN/FR) has been developed over a period of - I guess more than 10 years - taking into account the experience with IEC 61850 in general and with distributed power systems.

Now it is time to implement and use the standard in conjunction with the other core parts like IEC 61850-6, 7-1, -7-2, -7-3, and 7-4.

Click HERE for details on IEC 61850-7-420.

Click HERE for the preview.

Please note that the syntax of the object models is available for free download:

Click HERE for the download of the light name space document [zip, 30 KB] 

Excerpt of the light name space:

Sample code for Battery Monitoring LN with Cell Voltage Lo Alarm and Hi Alarm:

Note that the description (Semantic) is only available in the Full name space document that comes with the standard when you buy the standard.

It is recommended to purchase the standard in case you want to study the full content and to figure out the benefit ...!

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