Monday, July 12, 2021

Updated Mains Frequency Information Service Has Been Launched

Please not that the updated Mains frequency information service has been launched yesterday. 

The mains frequency info service is now active. 

You will now receive messages about unusual mains frequency behaviour.

For information on the messages, please refer to the website

The website offers non-commercial information newsletter for the continental European network RG-CE (UCTE)

In this test group, you can register for an automated newsletter "Netzfrequenzinformation Verbundnetz RG-CE (UCTE)", which will provide you with the latest information on network frequency measurements.
Experience has shown that the measuring systems recognize and report approx. 4-6 messages per week on a daily basis.
You can find much more information about the grid frequency HERE
This service is a very huge offer to the power systems communities in Europe. I haven't seen anything comparable ... and all for free!

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