Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NEW IEC 61850 Demo Package for Windows available

The main purpose of the new demonstration and evaluation package is to provide a free of charge simple and easy to use IEC 61850 Client/Subscriber Tool (running on Windows PCs) that can be used to communicate with a Server/Publisher implemented on the platforms:

Beck IPC DK151 Development Kit for SC145 (DK61)
Beck IPC com.tom / IXXAT SG-gateways (WEB-PLC)
SystemCorp Smart Grid Controllers
Windows PC

Several other uses cases are possible:

The demonstration uses a single generic SCL model (and a derived JSON file [JavaScript Object Notation] that can (beyond the main purpose) be used on the above platforms to automatically configure (tree structured graphical applications) for Clients, Server/Publisher, and Client/Subscriber roles as shown on the next slides.

The specification of additional models (.icd and .json) could be provided for a fee. 
Contact NettedAutomation if you are looking for other models, please.
Click HERE for further details and instructions to download the new package including the documentation.
Click HERE for documentation only.
The package is used in our training courses.

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