Friday, October 14, 2016

Distribution On-Load Tap Changer Control Using IEC 61850 Client /Server Architecture

Mr. Andrius Maneikis has successfully finished his master thesis at KTH (Stockholm, Sweden) in electrical engineering with the title:

Distribution On Load Tap Changer Control Using IEC 61850 Client /Server Architecture

Please click HERE to download his thesis [pdf, 93 pages, 17 MB].

Abstract. Distributed generation is transforming the power system grid to decentralized system where separate units like wind power generators or solar panel shall coexist and operate in tandem in order to supplement each other and make one extensive system as a whole so called smart grid. It is utmost important to have a control ability over such units not only on a field level but on a system level as well. To be able to communicate with numerous devices and maintain interoperability universal standard is a must. Therefore, one of the core standards relevant to smart grids is IEC 61850 – Power Utility Automation which comes into assistance and tackles aforementioned challenges. This project uses IEC 61850 architecture to implement client/server windows applications for on-load tap changer remote control. The proposed solution and designed applications are tested together with a real time simulator [OPAL] where simple power system is modelled to emulate the system response to control signals in a real time. In this way, the implemented applications can be tried and assessed as if performing in real environment. Consequently, a user of the client application is able to remotely control voltage on the power transformer's secondary side and manipulate the switching equipment simulated in the model.

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