Thursday, June 9, 2016

PAC World Conference (13-16 June 2016) at the University of Ljubljana

The Seventh Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) World Conference will take place from 13 June to 16 June 2016 at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Members of the PAC World community, professionals from utilities and universities, manufacturers and consultants, are invited to take part in a unique event that will help us build better understanding and knowledge in our industry.
The conference format is unique not only in bringing experts from different domains of the PAC space together in the same room. The conference will be held in six half-day sessions. More than 100 papers from 33 countries will be presented during the three full days of the conference in oral and poster sessions.
This format will allow us to capture the pulse of our industry and to provide to the participants at the conference and the members of the PAC World community around the globe a snapshot of the state of technology, challenges, experience and future developments that will shape protection, automation and control systems as part of the Smart Grid of the future.

Click HERE for the details, program, registration, etc.

One crucial topic will be IEC 61850. Many or even most of the 60 presentations are linked to IEC 61850 - one way or the other.

SystemCorp, SISCO, Triangle Microworks, and other companies will present their stacks, API, applications, ... and how to build IEC 61850 Gateways like HMS:

Click HERE for more details on the HMS Gateways.

Detlef Raddatz (SystemCorp) will present a paper on:
IEC 61850 Communication / IEC 61131 Programmable Logic Control Application Integration Methods


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