Friday, May 27, 2016

GridEx Tool Launched to Support Smart Grid IEC 61850 Networks

How many times have you struggled with the stream of IEC 61850 GOOSE and Sampled Value messages and SCL configuration files? Is there any help to get your hands on these streams?

Yes, there is help: GridEx®

GridEx® sets you in control of your IEC 61850 networks. Designed to support you when performing commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance.

GridEx® is a digital multimeter and analyzer for Smart Grid applications; it bridges the gap between the traditional power technology and the digital communication. Network digital data is translated into upfront and intuitive information to support decisions for increased reliability and improved system utilization.

Entirely embedded stand-alone solution for secure connection to your IEC 61850 network, easy to use, versatile connections, instant start-up, error and inconsistencies detection, warning explanation, proactive analysis.

The evolutionary tool in IEC 61850 testing. Click HERE for more details. 
For any question please contact our technical manager Mr Andrea Bonetti at

In short terms:
  • GridEx®is a Smart Grid Multimeter
  • GridEx®is Bridging the gap between IEC 61850 digital communication and Power system applications: Complex data shown in understandable information
  • GridEx®is not a relay test set
  • GridEx®has Secure connection in the station
  • GridEx®shows live measurements with it’s versatile connections (ETH/FO)
An animated video is worth more than 1000 words:

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