Monday, June 15, 2015

New IEC 61850 Edition 2 Demo Package Available to run on Windows

After successful usage of our old demo package provided 2010 and 2011 NettedAutomation provides a new package for Edition 2 of the IEC 61850 core parts.

The new package comes with a DLL comprising the IEC 61850 Stack, an simple API, and a powerful SCL configuration tool – all included in the DLL. The package contains executable programs that can be used right away. Additionally you will find also the course code of the applications for you to modify the applications to your own needs.

There are two different applications for the client and server:

1. C++ programmed very basic console applications:


The values can manually be changed … use the listed commands.

2. .Net/C# programmed enhanced applications (SCADA like):


The client starts the CER system by clicking the box on the upper left corner of the Client application. The Server application will run. Add values in ther server application … to be reported to the client. The use-case is quite realistic.

All client and server applications use the same DLL (provided by SystemCorp). The IEC 61850 models and communication services are configured by corresponding SCL Files. The applications provided are intended to show what IEC 61850 offers and how to use the simple API for a short time-to-marked development. The applications show how to exchange information with your applications:


The client and server can run on one machine (local host) or on two machines. In case of two machines you can trace the communication with, e.g., Wireshark. The addresses (MAC and IP) have to be configured differently for the two cases. The client connects automatically with the server (based on the SCL files) – no need for manual intervention. The demo shows how an embedded client can communicate with a server – without and browsing service.

The client and server can be configured to publish GOOSE and SV.

Some basic documentation comes with the package that can be downloaded. The main objective is the use of the package in our comprehensive hands-on training courses.

Click HERE to get access to the package.


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