Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just Published: Draft IEC 61850-90-10 Objects for Scheduling

IEC has just published the following document (57/1510/DC):

Draft IEC TR 61850-90-10 – Communication networks and systems for power utility automation – Part 90-10: IEC 61850 objects for scheduling

Comments are expected by 2014-12-05.

Schedules configure a specific behavior during configured time intervals. A schedule consists of a series of entries with a setting for the value of a set point, the selection of a particular mode or the value of a parameter for a mode.

Schedules can be used to allow even more autonomous control of the behavior of DER equipment. They may be sent ahead of time, and then activated at the appropriate time, e.g., for applications like:

  • direct values (e.g. setpoints for P/Q/cosphi)
  • constraints (e.g. do not exceed the maximum value of P/Q/cosphi at a certain time)
  • pricing information (act on constraints)
  • modes (e.g. Volt-VAr curves)
  • parameters of modes
  • predictions or forecasts

This part defines two additional Logical Nodes (schedule and schedule controller):


LN FSCH - defining schedules (23 Data Objects)

LN FSCC – schedule controller (3 Data Objects)

It is highly recommended to review this document during the draft stage. It is more convenient to revise the draft now … than waiting until the document has been published as a final document.

Contact your national committee for a copy.

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