Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap and IEC 61850

“The Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap” is a remarkable document that focuses on the real needs for the future of Smart Grid Technologies and standards.

It is no surprise that IEC 61850 is a key standard in this roadmap. The roadmap comes with a list of 17 recommendations on what to do in the future. Two of the six recommendations for Transmission and Distribution (T&D) systems refer to IEC 61850:

Recommendation T&D3:
To support Smart Grid interoperability requirements, the CNC/IEC should encourage the
adoption and application of IEC 61850 for the purpose of communications between
, between substations and control centre, and for transferring synchrophasor data.

Recommendation T&D4:
The CNC/IEC should encourage the development of guidelines and standards for utilities to
migrate from existing, commonly used technologies, to the architecture described in IEC
61850. At the same time, the CNC/IEC should recognize that the large, existing investment
by utilities in the older technologies will require gateway solutions and protocol converters
during the initial transition period.
• In addition, the CNC/IEC should encourage extending this standard to distribution
automation equipment and distributed energy resources

Other IEC TC 57 Standards are listed as well: IEC 62357, IEC 61970 and 61968 (CIM), IEC 62351 (Security), as well as IEEE 1815 (DNP3).

Click HERE for the full Roadmap [pdf, 0.9 MB].

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