Friday, March 7, 2014

IEC 61850 at the Hannover Messe 2014

The Hannover Messe will be open from 7-11 April 2014. You are invited to visit the Beck IPC Booth in Hall 13 Stand C35/7. One crucial display will be the wide range of small and efficient multi purpose devices (com.tom) with embedded controllers.

You will see IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61860, Modbus, … with integrated security (openVPN, …) in action. The com.tom with a WEB-PLC will be presented by NettedAutomation to show the beautiful integration of standards-based automation and monitoring devices as well as gateways.

A comprehensive video clip with an Introduction to IEC 61850, Models, Configuration, Application of a real power quality monitoring with a Janitza PQ Monitor connected with Modbus, WEB-PLC, and Remote access to a com.tom has been posted yesterday. This video helps to get a clue what the standard is all about and how easy it is to get a “non-IEC 61850 device “wrapped” in a nice sugary coating of IEC 61850”.

You will see this and many other applications in action at the Hannover Fair.

Format: mp4 with a resolution of 1180 x 884

- Complete Video (110 MB and 37 Minutes)

I have split this long video into three parts with the same content:

- Part 1 (of 3) Start, IEC 61850 Information Models, and Demo setup (40 MB and 10 Minutes)

- Part 2 (of 3) How to use the Configuration Language SCL (33 MB and 11 Minutes)

- Part 3 (of 3) Implementation with com.tom WEB-PLC (47 MB and 17 Minutes)

A video on building a gateway from IEC 61850 to IEC 60870-5-104 will be presented soon.

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Karlheinz Schwarz said...

I received this comment by email:
"The only part that I don’t “get” is your description the private “Field” information in the SCL file – second video at 9:00 minutes. You show us the information then tell us not to worry about it (!)

At first I thought that this information would be interpreted by the PLC to automatically create bindings from the PLC data to the model; however you went on to explicitly create those bindings by graphically linking the PLC data to the model. I assume this must be done for each data attribute that is to be accessed via the model. And presumably the same in reverse for setpoints and controls.

So the point of describing this private information in the model is not clear to me."

Here is some explanation:

The five Fields are required by the SystemCorp Stack/API (used in the com.tom) to bind models to real “memory locations” … they are a pointer … In C/C++ programming the programmer has to fill out these fields … to “link” the model with the program internals.

In the case of the WEB-PLC we have an XML parser that parses the ICD file that is already on the chip (without the fields filled out!). The file may also just be on your computer … The software “decorates” the models with the fields automatically. You do not need to care about the fields. You cannot modify them. They are exposed at the browser to be used, e.g., for diagnosis. We can show the API “traffic” in the Event Log. In the Event Log the calls and call backs are exposed with the call parameters (= field values, …).

We have already decided, that these fields should be visible in expert mode only.