Thursday, February 13, 2014

Seamless e-vehicle to Smart Grid Connectivity through IEC Standard Communication

To prevent e-vehicles from overloading power grids while charging, seamless connectivity is required. To help address this issue, Fraunhofer ESK (Munich, Germany) is developing underlying communication methods for a uniform energy management system. At the Hannover Trade Fair (April 7-11, 2014, booth C10, exhibit hall 13), ESK researchers will be demonstrating how the charging station serves as an interoperable node between the e-vehicle and the network control center using the ISO/IEC 15118 and IEC 61850 standards. Having already implemented both communication interfaces, ESK engineers can now illustrate how the concept works in practice.

With its solution, the institute helps charging station and e-vehicle manufacturers and grid operators to implement the communication standards and test their products for standards compliance.

Seamless e-vehicle/smart grid connectivity through intelligent communication

"Our experience has shown that charging station manufacturers are still shying away from the standard because the implementation is too complex," explains Dr. Erik Oswald from Fraunhofer ESK in Munich. "For this reason, we developed a reference installation that significantly streamlines the implementation."

Yes, I agree … I have seen it. It is that easy.

Click HERE for the full report from nano werk.
Click HERE for a presentation on more details, provided by ESK.
Click HERE for a list of further presentation material.

Congratulation to the experts involved!

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