Friday, February 7, 2014

MultiSpeak – CIM Harmonization initiated at International Level

IEC TC 57 has published a new document (57/1437/CD - IEC 61968-14 TS Ed.1) trying to figure out the need for harmonization between the international standard series IEC 61968 (CIM) and MultiSpeak:

IEC 61968-14 TS:
Application integration at electric utilities
- System interfaces for distribution management - Part 14:
MultiSpeak - CIM harmonisation

Commenting period closes 2014-05-02

Please contact your national TC 57 mirror committee for a copy of the document.

I guess that more and more people all over realize the benefit of International Standards – good for utility customers. Here is an excerpt of the Introduction of the new document:

“Multiple standards that cover the same information domain present a problem for the vendor community when developing products, and for the customers that would use these products. The classic challenge becomes one of determining which standards to support or how best to support one or both standards. The problem for the customer is integrating products that follow different standards to work with each other.”

Fortunately the situation for IEC 61850 is quite different: Most of the definitions in the standard series are very unique … with little or no competition. That’s one of the reasons why the standard is liked all over.

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