Monday, December 23, 2013

SystemCorp Embedded Technology offers Support for IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2

This is a real good Christmas present: Version 2 of the IEC 61850 Protocol Integration Stack (PIS-10) from SystemCorp is now available!

Version 2 offers support for IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2 of the core documents (parts 6, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 7-410, 8-1, …). The solution supports users to integrate Server and Client as well as publisher and subscriber functionality into their own applications easily.

Click HERE for more details.

A new ICD Designer is available as well - new Features are:

  • Add customized logical nodes
  • Edition 1 and Edition 2 Support
  • Export/Import DAID templates
  • GOOSE Subscription - compatible with Siemens DIGSI 
  • Multiple Access Point
  • Unicode Support
  • Client CID File Designer
  • Quick Validate* function for design

Click HERE for more details of the new ICD Designer.

NettedAutomation is preparing updated and enhanced demonstration examples for the PIS-10 DLL and for the Beck IPC@Chip platform by mid of January 2014.

Stay tuned to this blog to get the latest information also in 2014.

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