Tuesday, December 17, 2013

IEC 61400-25-2 Edition -- Committee Draft for Vote available

IEC 61400-25-2 Edition 2 (88/461/CDV):
Wind turbines – Part 25-2: Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants – Information models

The Committee Draft for Vote is out for comments until January 24, 2014. If you want to comment on the document, please contact your TC 88 National Committee: Membership 

The main improvements are related to the following aspects:

  • Harmonization with Common Data Classes in Edition 2 of IEC 61850-7-3.
  • Harmonization with Logical node classes in Edition 2 of IEC 61850-7-4.
  • Harmonization with Information models in IEC 61850-7-410, and -420.
  • Reduction of overlap between standards and simplification by increased referencing
  • Extension of Data objects for operation of smart grids (in US and other areas)
  • Extended and enhanced semantics for existing data objects
  • Taking the tissues into account

A complete harmonization with IEC 61850 is underway. As a matter of fact you could implement all crucial aspects of IEC 61400-25 with current IEC 61850 implementations. The full harmonization of IEC 61400-24-2 with IEC 61850 Edition 2 of the core parts (7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 8-1, …) is planned as a next step (edition 3 of IEC 61400-25-2).

IEC 61850 and IEC61400-25 are THE standard series for Power Systems.

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