Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Communication solution for Siprotec 4 and 5

The Siemens Siprotec solutions support usually several solutions for communication interfaces. The following list shows which communication solutions are supported by Siprotec 4 and Siprotec 5 devices:



According to Siemens comprises the installed base of Siprotec devices about one million devices and some 250,000 with IEC 61850. As you can see, the Siprotec 5 does (not yet) support IEC 60870-5-104*, not any more FMS, DP, and Profinet.
* under development for Siprotec 5.

Source (dated 2013):
Selection Guide for SIPROTEC Edition 2

The number devices with IEC 61850 interface is growing very fast. Recently experts from two German utilities told me that they expect that in some time down the road even 104 will not anymore be offered by major manufacturers.

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