Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Secure is the Information Technology for Electric Grids?

Are you surprised that there are many Security Gaps? Guess just a few experts are surprised that there are crucial Gaps! Why? Security is not a business case for utilities. Security measures are – in the eyes of many responsible people – just producing costs without helping to increase the shareholder value … as long as no serious attack happens.

A new US congressional survey has brought a lot of serious details and facts to light:

Electric Grid Vulnerability – Industry Responses Reveal Security Gaps

Click HERE for the complete Report published yesterday (May 22, 2013) [pdf]

I hope that the “EnergieWende” will not loose its “W” and end in an “EnergieEnde”. We are about to risk loosing the “W” … Or?

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Rod Hughes said...

study finds that cars trucks and even tanks could crash through substation fences, bump electrical equipment and cause blackouts! (big blackout in Argentina a decade or so ago because of a truck doing just that)

study finds more and more cars, trucks and even tanks on roads every day ....

Conclusion our substations are at increasing supreme risk ... get all vehicles off the road ... and every driver is a terrorist

yes, there are increasing 'attacks' so we must be vigilant and put in the right security measures - but lets keep a reasonable level of reality in what is a "real attack" vs yet another general virus having been thrown out on the www and emails

A "real attack" is targeted and hence has far more specific measures and objectives to harm