Saturday, September 8, 2012

REpower offers Wind Turbines with IEC 61400-25

REpower offers a standardized IEC 61400-25 server with the REguard B IEC 61400-25. This is available for all new turbines – retrofit for REcontrol B is possible.

This interface is based on the international standard for wind power plants, IEC 61400-25. As one of the first wind turbine manufacturers, REpower has included this standard in its SCADA solutions. From the very beginning, they put all their experience into developing a standard that unites wind farms all across the world. Our aim is to one day achieve smooth worldwide communication among wind power plants and modules.
Interface B IEC 61400-25 comprises all features of the SCADA interface family – and more. Apart from delivering alarm messages, second values, 10-minute averages, status codes and operational data, this interface also enables wind turbine operation (starting, stopping, resetting). In addition, individual wind power plants, the power management unit and the wind measurement station can be accessed, controlled and monitored.

Download more details on IEC 61400-25 from REpower.

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