Friday, September 2, 2011

Reporting and GOOSE compared

IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 offers various possibilities for exchanging data values in real-time or near real-time. Whatever your definition of real-time is, here are some hints on the options and some hints on how to use them:

List of possibilities to exchange data values:


Comparison of Reporting and GOOSE / Sampled measured values (SMV):


Note that all message contents are encoded ASN.1 BER – with the exception of the data values in SMV and optionally in GOOSE Edition 2 where the data values are fixed encoded (for optimization!).

The timeliness of GOOSE and SMV depends on the definition of the standard (e.g., using special messages directly on data link) AND on the IMPLEMENTATION! The bottleneck is usually in the end-nodes and not in the communication.


Anonymous said...

Great summary on two of the fundamental parts of 61850. Thank you for sharing the information! DT

fguarderas said...

Thanks for the information.

Just one question: could and IED share information with another IED using Reports instead of GOOSE? An IED could behave as a Client and as a Server at the same time?

Karlheinz Schwarz said...

IEDs could play four roles (at the same time): server, client, publisher, and client.