Sunday, November 21, 2010

SCL - For Substations or Systems?

The official title of IEC 61850-6:2009 Edition 2 (SCL) is:

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation –
Part 6: Configuration description language for communication in electrical
substations related to IEDs

What does SCL stand for: "Substation Configuration Language" or "System Configuration Language"?

The official Abbreviation in the Edition 2 of part 6 is as follows:

SCL = "System Configuration description Language"

Except the substation section all other sections and definitions can be used for any application domain: hydro power, DER, wind power, power quality, SCADA, ...

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Anonymous said...

Suppose that I would like to have an scd and an ssd file for my 5kW PV system, how can I start writing these scl files? Moreover, if I want a SLD for this system, can I design it inside the Bay of a voltage level in the Substation?