Thursday, February 19, 2009

IEC 61850 modeled with UML

The standard IE 61850 uses simple table notations and text description of the information models and information exchange services.

The working group 10 of IEC TC 57 discussed the use higher level modeling languages many times, e.g., UML (Unified Modeling Language) or ASN.1. The discussion will continue in a new project group within IEC TC 57:

"Web-based and structured access to the IEC 61850 information models"

The web based access to the IEC Component Data Dictionary (IEC 61360) is a good example of the benefit of web technologies for IEC standards.

A public available model for IEC 61850 using UML 2.0 is provided and maintained by Electricité De France R&D (Clamart/France). The current version accessible at the web is dated December 2006, Release 1.1

The scope of this model is the IEC 61850 part 7-2, 7-3 and 7-4 (First Edition) and its HTML format. Enjoy.

Excerpt of model:


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