Monday, October 27, 2008

CEPSI 2008 Macau and IEC 61850

During the first day of the CEPSI 2008 Conference and Exhibition in Macau (27.-31.11.2008) there is a great interest in IEC 61850. Several exhibitors have indicated that IEC 61850 is a one of the crucial issues here in Asia. The enquiries for IEC 61850 compliant data management products is really growing very fast. One exhibitor told me at the end of the first day: "We have been contacted by so many people that we could leave the exhibition already after the first day ... we have been visited by sooo many people ... including people form the big vendors ...".

The presentation of some four papers on IEC 61850 in the session "T&D - Substation and Distribution Automation" was visited by some 40-50 experts.

More to come.

STRI announced the second hands-on training for IEC 61850 to be hold in Frankfurt/Germany on 03.-06. March 2009 ... the first training in Ludvika/Sweden end of November 2008 is already sold out.

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